Why Protein is Important.

Protein is considered as very important for every cell of the body. Hairs and nails are mostly made up of protein. Protein usually helps in building and repairing tissues of the body. You can also use protein to produce enzyme, harmones and other body chemicals. Protein is considered as the building block of the body as muscles, bones need it in large quantity. Like carbohydrate and fats, protein is known as a macronutrient which means that body needs this element in huge quantity. Micronutrients are those which our body needed in very small quantity like for example vitamins and minerals. Our body does not store protein so it is very important to intake those products daily in which it is present in huge quantity. Anything taken in excess leads to the damage or adverse effects .Like this; protein taken in excess is also not good for health. People usually take high protein diet which leads to weight loss. When people take protein in large amount and carbohydrate in low amount, their metabolism change into a state known as ketosis. Now the question arises what is ketosis? Ketosis means human body converts its carbohydrate into fuel to burn its own fat. When fat is broken down into carbon it is called ketones. Ketosis which sometimes occurs in diabetes, suppress food hunger, causing people to eat very less food also increase the elimination of fluids through urine. There are some advantages of protein diet. Short term weight loss, healthy bones, hairs and nails. Protein is usually present in beef, lamb, eggs, fish and milk. If this protein is taken in huge amount, then it’s lead to kidney stones, gout, cholesterol and other severe diseases. That is why doctors usually suggest to take protein in a limited quantity. You can take 0.8 gram per kilogram of body weight. Excess is defined of this double.

Now let us talk about the protein which is present in the supplements. In daily life, it is necessary for our body as it is the major requirement but the question arises what is the need of this in weight loosing supplements? The answer is that whey protein is a supplement which is basically consume to increase the muscle mass of the body and protein plays a vital role in providing nourishment to muscles and on the other side it also increase your weight if it is taken in excess.


Abrexin for Body Shaping

Abrexinis basically a fat burning supplement which helps burner in burning fat in their night time or sleep time. There are many supplements in the market but none of them has the medical proof that they burn fat in sleep. There are many other weight-loosing supplements in open market but none of them have clinical proved to be effective in night time. Normally what companies do is, they add laxatives and diuretics to the formula to increased the idea of weight loss but with the clinical examination it is proves that Abrexin does not possess any of these chemicals. What actually identified was protein, black pepper and a shield on which searching is going on.

The three main Ingredients of this weight loss supplement which really help in burning excess weight. Lactoferrin, the first ingredient in this formula is a protein that has more than one function in the body. It mainly supports the immune system in the body. Protein also has the properties to fight with bacteria’s present in the body. There are no evidence that this element will reduce excess weight. Second ingredient is Biopperine. It is extracted from black pepper. The purpose of this ingredient is to aid the absorption of other ingredients present in the supplements. Other thing which is also identified from clinical research is that black pepper which is extracted, have some impact on human body but this impact is not strong enough that it can reduce weight loss. Last ingredient is Gp shield. This ingredient basically protects the lactoferrin from the stomach acids according to the product description. There is no clear picture of the shield that what it makes up in the supplement as company does not explain much about this. It is suggested that dieters who want to lose their weight does not take any supplements who has unknown ingredients.


There are some advantages and disadvantages of these supplements. Advantages include we have complete list of the ingredients which are included in this supplement. Other advantage is that biopperine has a low effect on the body temperature. The most important fact is that they all are unique in it means they are not combined with other ingredients. Disadvantages include such supplements does not help in reducing weight at day time. The other major disadvantage of this product which cannot be ignore or avoid is that it has an ingredient called GP shield which is not explain by the company. The details of such ingredient are hiding by them. The third disadvantage which is highlighted is that its official website does not contain any before-after photos.